Avian Polyomavirus Vaccine availablity

Creative Science, LLC is pleased to announce that Avian Polyomavirus Vaccine, Killed Virus, Psittimune APV is once again available to the animal health market.

Polyomavirus infection is one of the leading causes of death in young psitticine birds, notably parrots.

Psittimune APV is for use in healthy psitticine birds five weeks of age or older, as an aid in the prevention of disease caused by avian polyomavirus. Product performance has been evaluated in selected but not all psitticine species. For information on distributors in your area, please contact us.

Creative Science, LLC, Launches a New Animal Health Company

St. Louis (January 14, 2013) – Addressing a need in the animal health industry, a new company has emerged; Creative Science, LLC, is dedicated to addressing the unmet medical needs of animals and the veterinarians who care for them.

“We intend to identify, develop and invest in product categories where there are few medical alternatives.  Creative Science will produce its own products as well as represent a limited number of items from other manufacturers to the animal health market,” explains Brad Butler, founder and CEO.

The company currently carries several products addressing needs in a variety of species.  “Our company is well poised to serve the animal health industry by investing in the development of medicines in areas that may not be as appealing to the giant drug companies.  We believe the development of products and technologies that meet unmet medical needs will enhance the wellbeing of animals and advance the veterinary profession.” Butler says.

The company currently provides products to more than 12,000 veterinary hospitals and plans to launch several new products in 2013.  The company is led by Brad Butler who has nearly two decades of experience in animal health working as small business owner, large drug company executive and distributor.  Joining the company as Operations Director is industry veteran Ed Hoff who also has many years of animal health product experience.

For more information, contact:
Brad Butler
Creative Science, LLC.