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Drinking Water Additive

Available in 250 or 500ml bottles.

Developed by Veterinarians for Whole-Mouth Hygiene

Product Description:

Protect against harmful bacteria and build-up with our safe, veterinary formulated drinking water additive. Our fast-acting ingredients provide whole-mouth hygiene for cleaner teeth, gums, tongue and fresh breath! Great for multi-pet families and safe for both dogs and cats, simply add the recommended amount to fresh water daily to actively reduce plaque build-up and bacteria, for fresh, long-lasting results!

Key Benefits:

  • Specialized formula developed by veterinarians 

  • Freshens breath while eliminating harmful bacteria for whole-mouth hygiene 

  • No brushing required, simply add to your pet’s drinking water

  • Safe and effective for multi-pet families

For Veterinary Professionals:

Are you a veterinary professional interested in purchase?

BreathaLyser® Drinking Water Additive is available through your veterinarian or at one of the retailers listed below. Click on the logo to purchase.


Breathalyser Product Video
Breathalyser Product Video
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Directions for Use:

Add 2 capfuls to at least 1 quart of fresh drinking water daily.

“My dog loved this product. Easy to mix and has a good smell. Reduction in tartar build up was appreciated.”


“We use this for cats or dogs that can’t or won’t [use] other dental prevention. I can usually tell when it’s being used by softer tarter and less gingivitis.”

Pet Parent

“Pets love it, and I personally have used this on my own pet and could see a difference...even a decrease in tartar after starting it!”


“My old dog has really bad breath. After just a few days of adding the BreathaLyser® to the drinking water it has made a HUGE improvement in his breath! I highly recommend!”

Pet Parent

“Pets love it, and I personally have used this on my own pet and could see a difference...even a decrease in tartar after starting it!”

Veterinary Technician

“I’ve been using BreathaLyser® for maybe 4 days now and can already tell a difference. My dogs did not seem to notice it was in their water. Definitely would recommend!”

Pet Parent

Woman Embracing Dog

Product FAQs:


Can BreathaLyser Drinking Water Additive be used on dogs that share drinking water?

  • Yes, BreathaLyser Drinking Water Additive is great for multi-pet households.

Can BreathaLyser replace the need to brush your pet’s teeth?

  • Yes, BreathaLyser Drinking Water Additive replaces the daily need of brushing your pet's teeth.

Can I use BreathaLyser® Drinking Water Additive with a fountain?

  • Yes, as long as the water is changed daily.

Does BreathaLyser® need to be stirred into the water?

  • No, BreathaLyser® does not need to be stirred in, just simply added to the water.

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