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BuddyID® BuddyBadge™ Collar Tag

Available in packs of 12.

The collar tag that links to your pet’s microchip for lifetime protection.

Product Description:

BuddyBadge™ from BuddyID® is more than just a QR code dog tag, it can help you reunite with your dog or cat faster should they ever go missing. The person who finds your pet can easily scan the QR pet tag with their phone and contact you with their location. Since there is no need for a microchip scanner, you will save time and be reunited with your pet faster. This means no shelter fees for you, and less stress for your pet.

Key Benefits:

  • QR code technology that links to the pet's unique digital profile.

  • Includes Pre-Paid Lifetime Registration to the BuddyID® Microchip Registry.

  • Connects directly to the cat or dog's microchip for always-on protection.

  • No Annual fees, plus Location Services, Records Management and more.

Directions for Use:

To use the BuddyBadge™, use your smartphone’s camera to scan the QR code. Link the BuddyBadge™ with a new or existing BuddyID® microchip registration. Then simply attach the tag to your microchipped pet’s collar.


Product Contents:

BuddyBadge™ 12 packs come conveniently packaged for in-clinic sale.

Buddy Badge Video for Vets
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