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BuddyID® ISO Microchip with Temperature Scanner

The safe, simple way to make sure pets find their way home.

Product Description:

The BuddyID® ISO microchip for dogs is the safe, simple way to make sure your pet finds their way home! The slim 15 gauge needle on this dog chip makes injection easy. The BuddyID® ISO Chip works great for all dogs. With the BuddyID® ISO Chip, you can feel secure knowing that wherever your buddy roams, he'll be able to find his way home. ClickFinish™ technology lets you know when the chip has been properly installed. Six peel and stick labels with the microchip number are included in each pouch.

Key Benefits:

  • Anti-Migration coating protects chips with a smooth Parylene® sealer

  • Pre-loaded microchips come in sterile, individual pouches

  • Comfortable syringe with Sure-Grip™ fits all hands

  • Lifetime Warranty on microchip from manufacturer, Microchip ID Systems, Inc.

The BuddyID® Temperature Scanner

Get information about your pet's microchip as well as their temperature with the BuddyID®Temperature Scanner.


Directions for Use:

Pet owners who use this ISO chip for dogs can maintain their account anytime using their cell, tablet or computer. If your dog goes missing, the SearchALERT feature can be activated with your cell phone.


Product Contents:

BuddyID® ISO includes a paid lifetime registration, bio-safe rubber collar tag , silver O ring and syringe with microchip.

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