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BuddyID® Complete Protection System with Temperature Scanner

A complete protection system with a microchip, registration, and a QR code collar tag.

Product Description:

The Future of Reuniting Lost Pets is here! Take your pet's protection to the next level in three easy steps with the BuddyID® Complete Protection System, and reunite with your lost dog or cat faster should they ever get lost. No fees for pet owners!

  1. Protect them with the BuddyID® ISO Microchip

  2. Activate Your Pre-Paid Microchip Registration

  3.  Add BuddyBadge®

Use BuddyBadge® to build your pet's custom profile and track important information. Choose to share behavioral, medical or veterinarian information with anyone who scans the tag. You can also list notes about any upcoming vet appointments, vaccinations, and any other information you choose, including when it’s time for your pet’s heartworm or flea and tick preventative. Update your pet’s profile anytime by simply scanning the collar tag and then logging into your account.

The BuddyID® Temperature Scanner

Get information about your pet's microchip as well as their temperature with the BuddyID® Temperature Scanner.


Directions for Use:

Pet owners who use this ISO chip for dogs can maintain their account anytime using their cell, tablet or computer. If your dog goes missing, the SearchALERT feature can be activated with your cell phone.

To use the BuddyBadge®, use your smartphone’s camera to scan the QR code. Link the Buddy Badge with a new or existing BuddyID® microchip registration. Then simply attach the tag to your microchipped pet’s collar.

Product Contents:

BuddyID® Complete Protection System includes a microchip, registration, a BuddyBadge®, and comes with a temperature scanner.

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