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Bullseye® Pill Guns

Easy, Safe Pill Dispenser for Pets

Product Description:

The Bullseye Pill Gun was designed for quick, easy administering of pet medication. With the ability to hold a variety of pill sizes, this durable instrument can dispense multiple pills simultaneously with comfort and safety without risk of pills breaking or falling. Made of low density polyethylene, the Bullseye Pill Gun can be used repeatedly for quick, easy and safe administration of medication.

Key Benefits:

  • Dispenses medication easily and safely for pets of all ages and sizes

  • Can hold multiple pills of various sizes

  • No fear of medication breaking or falling while administering

  • Made of durable, low density polyethylene for long-term use

Directions for Use:

  • Before use, remove paper collar. To insert tablet into the PILLGUN, remove plunger, insert tablet into barrel, and replace plunger.

  • Place your index and middle fingers between the bars of the PILLGUN. Adjust the bars snugly to your fingers, permitting complete control.

  • To open your pet's mouth, place your free hand over the top of its head. Using your thumb and middle finger, apply pressure on each side of the head at the point where the jaws hinge. As the mouth opens, insert the PILLGUN over the tongue and to the back of the mouth. Quickly push the plunger. Withdraw PILLGUN from animal's mouth. Withdraw plunger when not in use.

Product Ingredients:

Low density polyethylene.

Bullseye Pill Guns are available for purchase through your veterinary distributor.

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Product FAQs:


Are the tips of the pill guns removable?

  • No, the tip of the pill gun is connected to the main body, eliminating the chance of the tip coming off in the mouth.

Is the plastic flexible?

  • The plastic is rigid at the base and flexible at the tip to allow for easy pill administration.

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