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Creative Science Supports the Washington Square Park Halloween Parade

The Halloween Parade at Washington Square Park this past weekend was a success!

On the 28th, dog owners met in Washington Square Park to walk and socialize with their pets. With the arrival of cold weather, the event provided a perfect opportunity for pet owners to support local shelters and prioritize their dogs' well-being. The dogs had a great time, playing and socializing in the open spaces, and the inclusion of Pad-Tough in the gift bags helped ensure their comfort. It was a lovely event that highlighted the special bond between dogs and their owners, and we at Creative Science, LLC, were delighted to be part of such an occasion.

The Washington Square Park Dog Run

The Washington Square Park Dog Run Halloween Parade is a gathering that resonates with our values at Creative Science, LLC. It is a celebration of the bond between dogs and their human companions, as well as an opportunity to rally support for local shelters. However, with the onset of winter, the inclusion of Pad-Tough in the event's gift bags was a timely and meaningful initiative.

A participant of the run alongside a bottle of Pad-Tough.

Pad-Tough: A Winter Paw Protector

Pad-Tough is a spray-on protector created to safeguard dogs' paw pads during the winter season. This product provides an effective response to a prevalent but often underestimated aspect of pet care—paw protection.

Why is Pad-Tough So Important?

  1. Winter in New York City often delivers sub-zero temperatures, snow, ice, and salted sidewalks. These environmental factors can be detrimental to a dog's paw pads. Pad-Tough toughens and protects your dog's pads from extreme weather.

  2. Comfort and Mobility: Snow and ice can cause discomfort and injuries to dogs' paws. By applying Pad-Tough, you ensure your dog's comfort and unhampered movement, promoting a healthy and happy winter experience.

  3. Health Benefits: Cracked or damaged paw pads can lead to infections and enduring health issues for your pet. Pad-Tough contains Aloe Vera and Comfrey extract, aiding in soothing and healing.

Creative Science, LLC remains dedicated to improving the well-being of pets, not only within the comfort of our homes but also on a broader scale across the country. We take pride in supporting local initiatives like the Washington Square Park Dog Run, where the love and care for our four-legged companions are truly celebrated. Our commitment to developing innovative solutions, such as Pad-Tough, reflects our devotion to making a positive impact on the lives of pets and their owners. We will continue to stand by our mission of ensuring the happiness, health, and safety of our pets, both in our local communities and beyond.


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