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Stewart Pet Urns

Handcrafted Red Oak Urns with Engravable Solid-Brass Plates

Product Description:

All Stewart Pet Urns are handcrafted from the highest quality, solid, red oak with custom, engravable brass plates and feature reinforced mitre joints and a removable, felted pad bottom. Urns are available in small, medium, and large sizes.

Available Sizes:


Small Dog or Cat
Medium Dog

Large Dog

6 Inches
7 Inches
8 Inches

2 3/4 Inches
3 1/4 Inches

3 3/4 Inches

3 1/2 Inches
4 1/2 Inches
5 Inches

1 1/2 Cups
3 1/4 Cups
4 1/2 Cups

Product Materials:

Solid red oak, brass, felted pads, plastic enclosure

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Stewart Pet Urns are available for purchase through your veterinary distributor or by contacting Creative Science directly.

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