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Available in a 2 oz bottle.

A liquid suspension that stops bleeding on contact

Product Description:

Our specially-designed liquid suspension formula provides fast, easy relief and stops minor bleeding on contact. Clotisol®’s spout application and liquid coverage are perfect for treating minor cuts and wounds without the stress and mess of powders. Safe to use across multiple animal breeds, Clotisol® is the preferred choice for veterinarians and groomers everywhere.

Key Benefits:

  • Liquid solution for better, more targeted coverage

  • Stops bleeding on contact 

  • Safe to use across multiple breeds

  • Mess-free application

  • The preferred blood stop solution by veterinarians and groomers

For Veterinary Professionals:

Are you a veterinary professional interested in purchase?

Clotisol® is available from your veterinarian or at the below retailer(s). Click on the logo to purchase.


Directions for Use:

Shake well before using. To stop bleeding, apply a liberal amount directly to the wound. If bleeding does not stop, consult a veterinarian.


Product Ingredients:

Ferric Sulfate, Aluminum Sulfate, Collagen Protein, Titanium Dioxide, Kaolin, Chloroxylenol, Propylene Glycol, and Isopropyl Alcohol

“This stuff is amazing!!! I am a professional groomer and have used a competing product for years that is so messy and sometimes you have to keep reapplying it. With Clotisol® it’s one small application, I use a q-tip and the bleeding stops!!! It’s a liquid too, which makes it easy to work with in my profession. I would recommend this product to anyone!!!!”

Professional Groomer

“I use this stuff at work, mostly on days when I’m the dog bather. Every once in a while, I trim the nail a little too close to the quick, and it starts to bleed. I just dip the tip of a q-tip into the bottle, hold it up to the bleeding nail for 30-60 seconds, and it stops bleeding. This stuff works.”

Professional Groomer

“I have a poodle that tends to move, jerk, and try to jump while cutting his toe nails. When I see a little bleeding, I just get a q-tip and put it in the Clotisol® and put it on the toe nail that is trying to bleed and it stops it. It is far better than any other product I have used.”

Pet Parent

Dog Lover

Product FAQs:


What should I use Clotisol® on?

  • Clotisol® is perfect for stopping bleeding on minor cuts and wounds. It is also useful for groomers during nail and beak trims.

Is Clotisol® easy to use?

  • Clotisol® is a liquid suspension, which allows for good coverage over bleeding site. Its versatility makes it cleaner and easier to use than traditional blood stop powders.

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