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The Leading Coprophagia (Stool-Eating) Deterrent for 40+ Years

Product Description:

A top choice for veterinarians in the treatment of coprophagia (stool-eating), For-Bid is a safe, edible protein fraction that helps to curb stool-eating behavior in dogs and cats. When consumed by the animal, For-Bid will cause an unpalatable taste to their feces. Simply sprinkle the For-Bid powder on food as directed.

Key Benefits:

  • Unlike other enzyme-based mixtures, For-Bid DOES NOT alter the normal endogenous digestive process

  • For-Bid is the top-selling, veterinarian-recommended product for coprophagia treatment

  • Safe and effective for use with dogs and cats

Directions for Use:

  • Administer by sprinkling on the animal’s food as recommended.

  • If using dry food, it is recommended that you moisten the food with water before adding. 

  • Be sure the animal is not on steroids, as this will counter the effect of For-Bid.

For Veterinary Professionals:

Are you a veterinary professional interested in purchase?

For-Bid is available for purchase through your veterinarian.

“We carry this one in house and people seem to be pleased with the results.”


Product FAQs:


Does this deter my pet from eating other animals’ stool?

  • For-Bid must be given to all pets in the environment to prevent stool eating.

Can I use this product with wet food?

  • For-Bid can be used on both wet and dry food.

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