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Available in a 50 gm bottle.

Fast, Accurate & Easy Testing for Ketone

Product Description:

With 99% accuracy, KetoCheck™ provides fast, reliable testing for the presence of ketone bodies (ketosis) in cow milk, urine, or plasma. Ketosis in lactating cows can occur within a few days or 6-8 weeks after calving and is usually indicated by a cow going off feed, loss of weight, nervousness or high excitability. Ketosis can also cause a loss of milk production.

Key Benefits:

  • Results in just two minutes with 99% accuracy

  • Can be used with milk, urine, or plasma for easy testing

  • Fast and reliable

For Veterinary Professionals:

Are you a veterinary professional interested in purchase?

KetoCheck™ is available for purchase through your veterinarian or at the below retailer(s). Click on the logo to purchase.

Cow and Calf

Directions for Use:

  • Place a small quantity (1-2 gm) of KetoCheck™ powder on a plain white surface

  • Deposit one to two drops of milk, urine, or plasma onto the powder.

  • Read results after two minutes, noting any change in color of the powder. 

  • A purple color denotes a positive test result, and the presence of ketones. If the test is positive, contact a veterinarian. 

  • Please Note: Colostrum milk during the first 96 hours after calving may not provide a suitable test sample.

Product Ingredients:

Sodium carbonate, ammonium sulfate, nitroprusside.

Product FAQs:


What material can I use to test for ketosis with KetoCheck™?

  • KetoCheck™ is a versatile material that can be used with milk, urine, or plasma.

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