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Available in 6 oz cups or 5 lb bulk tubs.

The original non-absorbent litter for easy, non-invasive collection of cat urine

Product Description:

Developed by veterinarians as a stress-free way to collect cat urine, Nosorb is the original non-absorbent litter designed to make collecting your cat’s urine sample a stress-free, easy experience. The non-absorbent granules in Nosorb are made from recycled materials and are designed to closely mimic cat litter, allowing it to be applied directly to the litter box without detection. Packaged in a sealable, easy-to-transport cup, Nosorb offers a no-fuss solution for collecting a urine sample, without the stress and mess.

Key Benefits:

  • Developed by veterinarians for stress-free collection

  • Effective, non-invasive urine collection with no catheter needed

  • Mimics cat’s litter for application without detection

  • The original non-absorbent litter

  • Made from recycled materials

  • Includes sealable cup and label for easy transport

For Veterinary Professionals:

Are you a veterinary professional interested in purchase?

Nosorb is available through your veterinarian, or at the retailer(s) listed below. Click on the logo to purchase.

Directions for Use:

Just clean the litter pan and add NOSORB. The cat will urinate as usual.


Product Ingredients:

Nonabsorbent, inert, disposable granules.

“We used this to collect a sample from a patient we have been trying to get a sample from for days. The client was impressed we were able to send out for testing and we didn’t even have to perform a cystocentesis.”


“Love the small cup of Nosorb, it’s already measured out so no guess work on how much do I put in a litter box. When sending home with an owner, the cup works as a sample cup afterwards…how smart!”

Veterinarian Technician

“The quantity and texture of Nosorb worked well for collecting urine on a not-so-compliant feline patient last week. Unlike other plastic litters for collection, the cat didn’t just lay in the litter box, he actually peed.”



Product FAQs:


How much Nosorb is needed to take a sample?

  • The amount of Nosorb provided in a cup (6 oz.) is enough to stimulate urination.

Is Nosorb a product that can easily be dispensed for urine collection at the pet's home?

  • Yes,  Nosorb cups are are ideal for in home urine collection for return to the veterinarian for testing and analysis.

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