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Available in 4 Fl oz bottles.

Paw Pad Toughening Agent, Protectant, & Healing Relief Spray

Product Description:

More than a pad protectant, more than a healing moisturizer, Pad-Tough™ actively coats and toughens paw pads and elbows, making them more resistant to harmful environments, temperatures, and terrains while added healing elements aloe vera and comfrey extract provide moisturizing, soothing relief. Our convenient spray allows for quick and easy application in just seconds for even coverage without the stress and mess of balms and waxes.

Key Benefits:

  • Spray-on application for even, mess-free coverage

  • Heals, protects & toughens paw pads

  • Minimizes and protects against damage caused from harmful environments, temperatures, and terrains

  • Toughens elbows to protect against calluses and hygroma

  • Ideal for working dogs (military, police, rescue and hunting)

For Veterinary Professionals:

Are you a veterinary professional interested in purchase?

Pad-Tough™ is available from your veterinarian or at the below retailers. Click on the logo to purchase.


Directions for Use:

Coat pads liberally with Pad-Tough™ prior to field trials, shows, hunting or other rigorous exercise. Pad-Tough™ should be used routinely prior to any extensive outdoor activity.


Product Ingredients:

Isopropyl alcohol, distilled water, comfrey extract, ethyl alcohol, propylene glycol, benzoin, storax, tolu balsam, aloe vera.

“This is a must have if you have a dog that's highly active in hunting. I was with the MWDs in the military. Now I have a search and rescue I always have it with me!”

“We spray Pad-Tough™ on [our dogs’] feet just before going out to play and have significantly reduced, almost eliminated, tender pads and torn pads. Doesn’t need to be applied over time to build up. Great product!”

“Our 11 year old lab’s pads were cracked open, tearing off and causing him pain. Nothing else worked. After two times of use the cracks were completely gone! Now his pads are soft and supple. We tried so many other products over the years with absolutely no relief for him. BEST PRODUCT OUT THERE.”

“This was the perfect solution for my dog who was getting his paws all roughed up while playing too hard at the dog park. Our local vet recommended we try Pad-Tough™ to help him from getting injured. He runs all day now, and his paws are just fine.”

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Product FAQs:


Does Pad-Tough™ take long to dry after application?

  • No, Pad-Tough is absorbed by the pad, providing a protective coating quickly.

Does Pad-Tough™ work in both heat and cold?

  • Yes, Pad-Tough protects paws from both heat and cold, as well as rugged terrain.

Does Pad-Tough™ include a spray pump?

  • Yes, every bottle of Pad-Tough™ includes a spray pump, which allows for easy application at home, in a clinic, and in the field.

Does Pad-Tough™ contain Aloe Vera?

  • Yes, Aloe Vera is used to soothe and comfort the application area.

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