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Evercare Pet Hair Pic-Up

For Easy Pet Hair Removal Across a Variety of Surfaces

Product Description:

With our stickiest tape ever, Evercare Pet Hair Pic-Up offers an easy and convenient solution to pet hair removal from a variety of surfaces including clothing, furniture, and auto interiors. This easy-to-peel pet hair remover comes in a small, convenient size that is easily stowed away in a purse, bookbag, or briefcase. With 60 sheets to a roll, Evercare Pet Hair Pic-Up utilizes an ultra-sticky tape that works harder, longer. Eco-friendly refills are provided for added convenience and ease of use.

Key Benefits:

  • Sticky tape removes pet hair from most surfaces

  • Product refills help to reduce plastic waste

  • Convenient travel size allows for easy storage and transport

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Evercare Pet Hair Pic-Ups are available from your local veterinarian or veterinary distributor.

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