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Available in a 3 oz jar.

Safely removes proud flesh and promotes the healing of healthy tissue with reduced scarring.

Product Description:

Proudsoff™ safely and painlessly removes proud flesh on horses, cattle, sheep and goats. Designed to adhere to the wound, Proudsoff™ works quickly and effectively to remove proud flesh from the wound while promoting healthy tissue growth with minimal scarring for maximum healing and fast results.

Key Benefits:

  • Safe removal of proud flesh with no pain or discomfort

  • Designed to adhere to wound, treating the wound better, longer

  • Reduces scarring and promotes healthy tissue growth

  • Safe for treatment across multiple breeds

  • Fast results within a few days of use

For Veterinary Professionals:

Are you a veterinary professional interested in purchase?

Proudsoff™ is available from your veterinarian or at the below retailer(s). Click on the logo to purchase.


Directions for Use:

Cover the entire area affected by proud flesh with a thin coating of Proudsoff™ once daily. Dead tissue and debris from previous use must be removed before each application. This can be done with cotton or soft gauze. Do not wash the lesion. Discontinue use when all proud flesh has been removed. Do not use on wounds that do not contain proud flesh.


Product Ingredients:

Cupric sulfate, inert ingredients.

“I just purchased this product and began using it 4 days ago. The success in removing the proud flesh in such a short time was amazing.”

Horse Owner

“This product was super easy to apply with a glove – sticky and stayed on even during turnout. My vet was so impressed that she took a photo of the [product] to show other clients. No odor. Blue and grainy, like sandy play-dough. Happy to have discovered it!”

Horse Owner

“This worked wonders on my horse’s proud flesh! We tried many different things until this, and this was our turning point. I will use this product for any cases of proud flesh from now on. Highly recommend.”

Horse Owner


Product FAQs:

Should I remove the dead tissue before applying more Proudsoff™?

  • Yes, all dead tissue and debris from previous uses must be removed before each application.

How long should I use Proudsoff™ on a wound?

  • Use Proudsoff™ daily until all proud flesh has been removed.

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