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Available in a 4 oz jar.

Fast-Active, Effective and Safe Wart Removal

Product Description:

Wartsoff™ provides fast-active, effective and safe wart removal without the pain and discomfort of other treatments. When applied daily as instructed, you can begin to see results within days.

Key Benefits:

  • Safe, painless wart removal

  • Can be used across multiple breeds

  • Fast-acting ingredients provide visible results within days of use

For Veterinary Professionals:

Are you a veterinary professional interested in purchase?

Wartsoff™ is available from your veterinarian or at the retailers listed below. Click on the logo to purchase.


Directions for Use:

Apply Wartsoff™ directly on the wart twice daily. Rub in the ointment well, leaving the wart completely covered.

For Dairy Cattle:
Apply to teats and udder of dairy cows after milking. Wash treated teats and udders before each milking.


Product Ingredients:

Castor oil, salicylic acid, inert ingredients.

“We used this on a show heifer to clear up her warts! Our vet recommended it and it worked great! Twice a day for several days.”

Cattle Producer

“I have long horns with warts in the brand but I have used this for about two weeks now when I can get them to hold still and not stab me with their horns. I am going to order more and keep using it.”

Susan, Livestock Producer

“My yorkie started getting a lot of warts and they were getting big fast. I couldn’t afford the removal surgery and saw the reviews on the product. I only put it on once or twice and over the course of the next couple of weeks, they scabbed up and fell off. I am AMAZED!”

Pet Parent

Image by Jakob Cotton

Product FAQs:


Does Wartsoff™ cause bleeding?

  • No, Wartsoff™ if used as directed by applying directly on the wart will not cause bleeding. 

Does Wartsoff™ burn when applied?

  • Wartsoff™ if used as directed by applying directly on the wart should not cause burning.

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